If you suffer from sensitive skin or a dermatological skin condition then we highly recommend using goat milk  range. We have had so many success stories of improvement from people that have eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or just can’t use other soaps as they dry out and irritate their skin. We hope that you too will see and feel the difference with the Like No Udder Soap range.


Like No Udder Goat Milk soap

  • Original Soap

    Our original bar of soap is free from any fragrances and is pure, gentle and nourishing. It is perfect for anyone that cannot use soaps containing essential oils, during pregnancy and for babies.

    Our soaps are handmade using the cold process method with a combination of beneficial and moisturizing oils that are all certified organic. We use olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil (sustainably sourced), shea butter, pure essential oils, botanicals and of course our fresh goats milk from our girls on our farm. All these contribute to help aid in skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, sensitive skin, irritated skin, dry skin and more.


    Relax and unwind with this lovely bar. Geranium essential oil alone has so many wonderful benefits, so when added to our soap it becomes even more amazing. With a lovely sweet floral note, it has a balancing effect on mind and body. It can help if you’re feeling anxious or stressed and is really good for oily skin and helps aid in eczema. It is not recommended to use this particular essential oil during pregnancy.


    This bar offers a divine floral note from ylang ylang essential oil, with the added bonus of the soothing calendula petals as a very gentle exfoliate that won’t irritate your skin. Ylang ylang is known to have a calming effect and is good for balancing dry and oily skin (pH). Calendula petals are antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and immune stimulating. These properties are useful for treating various types of dermatitis such as eczema.


    If you’re in need of stress relief or want to help your little one have a sound sleep then this bar is for you. Lavender is a healing herb that has been used for centuries to help with relaxation, help aid in relief from eczema, acne and aching muscles. Lavender essential oil can promote a sense of relaxation and is great for use on little ones for that bedtime bath.


    This bar just oozes goodness, it’s so gentle due to the added benefits of honey and oatmeal. Honey is naturally antibacterial, full of antioxidants and is extremely moisturizing. The addition of the oatmeal really adds to the ability for this bar to add moisture to your skin whilst the oatmeal also acts as a very mild exfoliate. This bar is especially good if you suffer from dry skin.


    The healing bar. This bar contains not only our amazing goats milk like all our other bars, it also has Aloe Vera and Chamomile. Well known for their repairing and nourishing effects. With too many benefits to list, this bar is great for anyone who might be suffering from skin conditions, sun burn, inflamed skin or even someone that is after a bar that will lock in moisture. This bar has a very subtle chamomile note.


    Our bars of soap have a rich lather, so a little goes along way when you use a loofa. Handmade soaps naturally have a high glycerin content, which is great for your skin – but it also means the soap requires a place to dry out between uses. The glycerin attracts water and if left in standing water, the soap will break down. We recommend you use a soap dish with drainage between uses and avoid direct streaming water on your soap.