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Our staff is here for you, come rain or shine! All of our team members have a passion for all things floral and are dedicated to world class customer service. They have been serving the greater Cronulla community since 1995, and do everything to make sure their customers walk out happy with their floral arrangements. Get in touch if you would like to meet the team or if you have any questions about our services.

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What started off as a small town Florist, has evolved into a growing business. Our mission has been to be the go-to source for all your floral related needs in the Sutherland Shire and Greater Sydney area. Since 2015, we have been at the forefront of the industry — exceeding client expectations with our wide range of services. We pride ourselves in our commitment to quality flowers and customer service, and strive to give you and your loved ones a truly beautiful experience.

Fresh flowers handpicked daily and delivered with emotions.

Meet Pille- Riin Managing Director- Florist


I come from a tiny Northern Europe country called Estonia. I have been fond of  flowers and nature since I was a little girl. I remember myself making little posies from garden flowers and selling them on my doorstep on the street. Ambitious!



I believe that flowers can make everyone happy and give you a reason to smile!


About a little bit about me


 At the age of 16  I went to study Garden and Nature management course, In Estonian Famous gardening college, I finished the  course with a Gardener Diploma.


After that I continued studies in the same school and  the  subject was Floristry. I finished with Florist Diploma 1.


I started my working career in a flower shop at the same time I was studying. I also did a bit of landscape design but decided to cut this short and do some travelling after a year in to it.


I worked and travelled around Europe, went back to Estonia for a couple of years where I specialized in funeral floral designs and tributes. 


 In the Year 2013 I travelled to Australia - Sydney. I worked for busy  award winning florist in Monterey. It was a long journey and there was a lot of lessons learnt.  I spent a short time here until I moved on to enjoy being a backpacker and working on the fruit picking farms with fellow travelers. After this wonderful experience I realized I had fallen in love with Sydney so returned to the florist in Monterey. It was then that I applied for the student visa and achieved a Business Diploma whilst working in the florist.


The experience and knowledge I learnt taught me to believe in myself and follow my passion and dream of becoming a business owner and here I am today in my happy place :)